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Ahh Tissue Salts



Yes, it’s one of those rhymes which sticks in your head, doesn’t it?  You are welcome!

As most of us remember it, it was a happy rhyme when we all joined hands in a circle at school and eventually, we all fell down!

So, when Mommy Wellness found out the true story, we thought just for fun we would share it with you, as sad as it was way back then.

Dating back to the Great Plague in 1665, the song apparently originated when a red circular rash presented itself on the skin and people kept posies of herbs and flowers in their pockets to ward off the disease.

Thousands of people were affected, and sneezing was apparently a main symptom.  That is how ‘a-tishoo’ came about, when mimicking a sneeze.

So in keeping it light-hearted, we will leave the “all fall down” part to your imagination.

Now after being totally side-tracked from the real reason for this article, Mommy Wellness is also sharing information about the importance of Tissue Salts, which is what actually triggered off the irritating ‘sneezing’ in the first place!


Unlike the nursery rhyme, Tissue Salts should be present in the body for optimal functionality.  They are a group of minerals, which due often to unhealthy lifestyles, our reserves are depleted and like the nursery rhyme, this leads to illness.

Interestingly they are the same minerals found in rocks and soil and occur naturally in the human body.  Once there is an imbalance or lack of these minerals, our systems become vulnerable and this can lead to sickness and disease.


The key is therefore to keep a balance in the body, but this is not as easy as it sounds.  Eva Schoenfeld of the Academy of Tissue Salts and Facial Analysis explained that after much research in the past, it was easy to replace lost minerals in the human body through normal daily nutrition.

However, the soils in South Africa are according to her, completely depleted of minerals.  She believes that this is one of the main reasons for so many immune diseases in our country.


Yes, it certainly does!

Even the most health conscious of us all is drained by modern lifestyles.

The list of reasons for mineral loss is longer than an arm, believe us!

As a heads up, we are listing a few, just so you will realise the importance of Tissue Salts replacements, and how dangerous it can be for your body, once depleted.

Just look at these:

  • Stress and worry
  • bad nutrition
  • industrially tainted foodstuffs
  • electro-pollution (from cell phones, microwaves, computers)
  • environmental toxins (insecticides, pesticides, preservatives etc)
  • exposure to heavy metals such as amalgam dental fillings
  • lead and aluminium
  • contaminated drinking water.

These are just a few of the more common ones.  Tell us this is not alarming!!


Medically, it is believed that due to missing minerals not being replaced, generation to generation is becoming weaker and more prone to disease.

There is concern about more and more babies being born with allergies and other deficiencies, where it apparent that mineral deficiencies have been passed on by the Mother.  Whatever minerals are lacking in the Mother during pregnancy, the baby unfortunately lacks at birth.

Until people start realising the importance of regular mineral replacement, there will be an on-going and increasing generational deficiency in minerals.

The correct choice of mineral replacements taken correctly enables the body to heal and restore itself from within.


Tissue Salts are inexpensive and generally safe for everyone, including babies, preggy Moms, diabetics and even animals.

As always, we do suggest checking with your Doctor beforehand.

And there we have it!  NO NEED TO ‘ALL FALL DOWN’ LIKE RING ‘O RING ‘O ROSES! 


Awesome Tissue Salt products are available at affordable prices to replace deficient minerals.  Please remember to have a word with your GP or Health Practitioner first, and then consult with your Mommy Wellness Therapist or Consultant.


Baby Massages



Gentle rhythmic stroking of baby’s soft body using special oils or moisturisers, helps hands glide smoothly over baby’s skin.

A special time indeed for bonding, whilst gently rubbing those tiny ankles, wrists, tummies, backs and fingers.  And a great time too, for exercising a soothing voice, whilst humming your favourite lullabies or softly talking to your new baby.

Before baby learns to speak, their only communication with the outside world is through touch.  It is instinctive for Moms to try and soothe their baby when they cry and the first reaction that we usually experience, is to pick them up to cuddle them.  Impulsively and often without even realising, we rub their backs.

Baby massage is therefore a natural extension to our Motherly instincts and MOMMY WELLNESS has perfected its art and offering to share our expertise.

MOMMY WELLNESS understands the level of anxiousness that Moms experience when arriving home with your new little bundle.

Whether a first, second or fifth baby, they are all such different little humans and they all require some ‘getting to know you time’.


We emphasise the word ‘SOME’ in the heading, as it is near impossible to list every benefit.

    Every bit of confidence helps when handling your baby and results in being able to recognise its needs.Those early months are tough and quiet massage time will provide the space you need to learn more about your baby.Being more confident will help you and baby to relax too!
    Spending one-on-one time with baby and enjoying eye contact helps tremendously when getting to know your new human.
    Amongst other things, Baby massage promotes better breathing and improves blood and lymph circulation.
    Excellent for colic and sleep, massage is also calming on the nervous system and even releases oxytocin, that ‘feel good’ hormone, which helps you both to relax.
    Massage helps with the relaxation of baby’s muscles, deeper breathing and at the same time, massage oils nourish the skin.
    A light and gentle massage can help relieve constipation, wind and ease colic.

We haven’t even touched on digestion, teething relief or weight-gain, which is especially good for prems.


Working Dads often miss out when it comes to hands-on care with their new babies, especially if Mom is breast-feeding.

Although this may prove somewhat difficult in the early days, try eventually to schedule a regular massage time for Dad and baby which will eventually become routine, helping them both with bonding time. (Maybe at bedtime)?  It is quite amazing how this special quiet time can help ease your partner’s stress levels too.

After a long hard day at work, you will be surprised how a Baby massage will help lift your moods and offer a sense of being more empowered as parents.


Knowing your baby will help you decide whether you suspect any possible underlying health issues. As a precaution, please speak to your Doctor before booking a baby massage with us.



Once you are comfortable about going ahead with a massage for baby, please give your closest Mommy Wellness branch a call and make an appointment for baby’s first massage.

We offer comprehensive DIY Baby Massage courses for Moms and Dads and we will teach you HOW TO MASSAGE your baby over a period of five weeks.  Alternatively, we will schedule five massage sessions and massage your little one for you, concentrating on specific needs as identified by you.

Touch is the first sense out of five that is most developed at birth, and research suggests that Baby Massage is enormously beneficial when it comes to helping babies grow and thrive.

Pregnancy Massages

Pregnancy Massages

Pregnancy Massages


Mommy Wellness is all too familiar with that preggie seesaw feeling of glowing one minute and then the next, not really being sure of whether your toes are still where they belong.

Mommy Wellness Day Spas have highly qualified pre-natal Therapists who are professionally trained in dealing with special treatments required by your body during pregnancy.

At Mommy Wellness our Therapists are very aware of the importance of correct positioning during such treatment, at the same time, keeping a vigilant check on the possible development of varicose veins.  This is an essential aspect of pre-natal massage and protects both Mom-To-Be and baby.

It goes without saying that there will naturally be those general aches and pains and then the sudden discovery of muscles that you never knew even existed.

Often constipation, nausea and swollen ankles, coupled with a zillion trips to the loo every 10 minutes add to the stress of a Mom-To-Be, and of course, the added dismay of those favourite blouses that somehow seem to shrink a little more every time they are washed.

Is massage safe during pregnancy?

As long as your pregnancy is considered as ‘low risk’, we do not foresee any problems at all.  However, if you have suffered from any Hypertension or have perhaps experienced any signs of premature labour, you need to have a chat with your Doctor or Gynae and get the ‘go ahead’ first. Many Therapists do not suggest massage during the first trimester.  Sometimes, Moms-To-Be are not even aware that they are pregnant in this early stage. If you suspect that you may be pregnant and after consultation with your Doctor or Gynae, massage therapy may commence at any stage during pregnancy.

A professional massage has some amazing benefits for pregnant Moms. 

From the relief of pain to reducing stress levels, a therapeutic massage also provides emotional support.

Moms-To-Be are often understandably nervous about pre-natal massages.  But then again, they are pretty nervous about most things during this time.

What are the benefits of pre-natal massage?

Mommy Wellness has done extensive research into the documented benefits of pre-natal massage.  These are the most important, which should help you decide once you have checked in with your Doctor or Gynae:

  • Much to the delight of your partner, there is no doubt that pre-natal massage improves your mood
  • It definitely reduces joint aches and pains, headaches and tension. Backache can become a huge irritation and we take good care of this for you too
  • Even though you won’t be seeing them for a while, massage helps reduce the swelling in legs and ankles
  • Even the best emotional support will not replace a nurturing touch. Remember when you wanted to punch the cashier at the shop?  Those were your hormones getting a bit jittery and begging for some attention
  • Stress levels and anxiety often shoot through the roof. After all, you are choosing names (and at the same time, checking that their meanings are not rude in a foreign language), working out finances and even thinking about schooling.  A soothing massage will help tremendously!
  • A Bella Roze Pregnancy Massage will also help get you out of bed on your own, without expecting a helping hand. Wouldn’t that be great?
  • YOU NEED ALL THE SLEEP YOU CAN GET! Parenting can be hard work, especially in the beginning. (Yes, difficulties change along the way).  A gentle massage will get those sleeping patterns under control in readiness for the pajama drill!

We care about you!

Remember that too much heat is not good during pregnancy. Please be wary of hot stone massages during this time.

Certain acupuncture points in legs and feet can trigger uterine spasms and sometimes even premature labour. Our qualified Therapists know how to avoid them, so you are in safe hands.

During a pre-natal massage, you should never be asked to lie on your back. Pregnant Moms-To-Be should always be positioned on their sides. Our Therapists will always ensure you are in the right position.

Mommy Wellness Day Spas want only the best for our special Moms-To-Be!


I Love My Bum!

“I LOVE MY BUM” ~ Marciel Hopkins

(Former Miss SA finalist)

 Yes! And that’s the way it should be!

Mommy Wellness couldn’t agree more with this statement made by former Miss SA Finalist Marciel Hopkins, in a recent Cosmopolitan article.

Marciel singled out her derrière as being her favourite body part, adding that “it gives a unique shape to my body and it makes me feel confident and sexy”.

Just like Mommy Wellness, Marciel is all about being body positive and it stands to good reason that she has a huge following on Instagram, spreading her ‘body positive’ message, whilst also working as a Life Coach.

Besides how we love her hashtag #healthnotsize, we love her confident attitude, and that is precisely why we have invited her to be the guest speaker at our Mommy Wellness High Tea in September.

Importantly, Marciel will also be discussing the effects that the various media platforms have on our children, particularly amongst teenagers and adolescents.

Young girls often experience a decline in self-esteem when entering adolescence, which often is associated with comparisons of media models and icons.  This preconceived idea is often created by media hype and gauged by society on so-called ‘acceptable’ levels of thinness. This can be a contributing factor of depression and the onset of eating disorders.

As informative and positive that media can be, it does not only single out the girls.  Boys are often also affected by feeling that they do not measure up to the idea of perfection as dictated by media.  In search of the ‘perfect’ body, they strive for six-packs, acne-free faces and toned arms, etc. often leading to excessive exercise, the use of steroids or strenuous, harmful dieting.

(Please follow our Website  and Facebook page for more details regarding booking for this occasion, which as a Mom, you cannot afford to miss)!  A Mom and Daughter outing maybe a nice idea?

 Inner Beauty
Although Mommy Wellness is not in the business of singling out ‘bums’ as being a priority when looking in the mirror, we certainly are in the business of enhancing both inner and outer beauty!

Sadly, society often seems to dictate as to what defines beautiful people and somehow, many fall for the myth of needing to conform to an acceptable body shape, weight, height and the like.

It truly is not necessary to be brain-washed into this so-called ‘acceptable’ opinion of society, which in most cases, sets unrealistic benchmarks as to what looks good and what doesn’t.   No one need ever conform to societal ‘norm’ expectations.

True inner beauty in a woman is reflected by her good qualities.  Whether it is confidence, wisdom, compassion or just standing by her values.  Remember, a lovely smile, a glowing skin or shiny eyes are not available over the counter. (Although as you will see a little further on, Mommy Wellness is also able to assist with some fabulous services and products too).

A good start is identifying and eradicating anything negative in your personal space.  Remove the critics and judges and inner beauty will shine through, allowing you to feel good about yourself and accepting that you are beautiful and more importantly, unique.

Mommy Wellness is all about the well-being of families. From preggie Moms-To-Be, Dads, Tweens, Tots, Toddlers and Babies - All unique in their own way, all requiring different nurturing.

Outter Beauty
Believing and acknowledging that ‘inner’ health and beauty is the first priority and the real foundation of a happy you, which once established, a new confidence takes over and ‘outer’ beauty suddenly becomes an added and an attractive factor. The two seem to somehow go hand in hand.

Our awesome services are also complemented with a large choice of reputable cosmetic brands and other products in-store, all of which have been selected with the utmost care to enhance and meet your needs and those of your precious family.

Whether you prefer your treatments in the comfort of your own home, or even unexpectedly finding yourself in hospital due to early labour, we will come to you. We offer Massages, Facials, Manis, Pedis, Eyelash Extensions and will even arrange a hairdresser for you.

And just in case you are wondering, we haven’t forgotten the rest of your family whilst you might be missing in action. Dads, Teens and Tweens are spoiled for choice when visiting us, with an array of pamper packages making them feel really special.

Once happily at home again with your new addition, we also offer amazing baby and toddler packages too.   For more information, have a look at our Menu on