Stress in Men

We’ve Got Your Man’s Back This Father’s Day


This year it’s a NO NO to socks, ties, undies and please, definitely no Soap-On-A-Rope!

What to buy your Man?

Read on, we can help!

Mommy Wellness is not even going to entertain the thought, especially as we have the coolest specials ever, to celebrate the No.1 man in your life!


Since childhood, somehow buying for the female species young or old, has always seemed so much easier and much more exciting!

All those pretty things, delicious choccies, beautiful flowers, and a lot of bling of course, make females happy!

Then just as we are feeling very chuffed with ourselves and our pretty choices…

BOOM!  It’s a male’s turn to receive a gift, and worse, we have to buy it!

Oh my, let’s just run for the hills why don’t we, and along the way pick up a pair of socks or undies or a tie and maybe even a few golf balls?

STOP! Not this time!

Before discussing the ‘spoils’ we have lined up for that special man of yours, we thought we would just chat a little about that horrible and very real word ‘STRESS’, which affects most of us if not all, at one time or another in our lives.

Sadly, and as much as we would love to believe that we can escape it, stress is relentless and doesn’t discriminate.

Regardless of gender, it has the tendency of secretly creeping up on one and launching some pretty scathing attacks!

It is also interesting to note various studies conducted, that there is a difference between how men and women experience and manage stress levels differently.

This is where Mommy Wellness comes to the rescue and identified the opportunity of making the difference, in the interests of the whole family, not only Dad’s.

Although a lot of stress symptoms experienced by men are similar to those experienced by women, men are not as outspoken when it comes to admitting them.

That’s just probably due to the typical trait of male stubbornness but hey, it’s real and we need to take notice of them.

As expected, (yes, tongue in cheek), facts suggest that women manage their stress levels far better than men, (well we would think so, we have the babies, don’t we)?

Men are also more likely to experience depression brought on by work-related issues and are also likely to become more socially withdrawn when stressed.

Even more importantly, stress related to home, work or relationships is a major contribution to psychological impotence.  For no other reason besides that we could discuss this topic for hours, we are not going to go into detail, other than suffice to say that a good, professional massage will help release all that stress too.


It is important when de-stressing, that you ensure you are in a peaceful and tranquil environment, where you are able to relax both body and mind simultaneously.

Mommy Wellness has it all, offering a serene, comfortable environment, with highly trained and professional staff who know how to pamper and spoil.

This year for Father’s Day, Mommy Wellness is proposing that in the interest of Daddy Wellness, you treat the special man in your life to a choice of one of the two luxurious massage packages that we have put together, including a little gift, of course.

‘THE DUDE TO DAD PACKAGE’ (Don’t you love the name)? > Click here for more special details

  • Swedish Full Body Massage
  • Scalp Massage
  • The Boss Pedicure
  • Surprise Gift


  • A 45-Minute Hot Stone Back Massage
  • The Boss Pedicure
  • Surprise Gift

By this stage, we know the Moms are already green with envy, so as a token of fully understanding that ‘left-out’ feeling, we have put together the fabulous ‘For Her’ package which includes a 45-Minute Hot Stone Back Massage and a Deluxe Pedicure!

Sorry, but as much as we would love to have included a little gift for Moms, not this time.  That would be losing focus, don’t you think?

So, with not much time left before the 16th, choose a Mommy Wellness branch near you and spoil that man!

Not that you probably need much more convincing, take a look at these important facts about massage:

Stress can affect every part of your body, causing muscle stiffness and pain. A good massage will help tremendously.

Stress affects the mood.  Massage is a most relaxing and enjoyable way to reduce stress.

Keeping stress in check is one of the best ways to stay on track and reach your goals.

When combined with advice and a maintenance regime from your GP, it can work wonders.

Helps reduce blood pressure and maintain a healthier circulatory system too.


Men for the sake of earning a living forget to live ~ Margaret Fuller

October 2018 Newsletter

NEWSLETTER - October 2018

Original article by Meg Faure

Having a new baby can wreck havoc with your relationship. The reasons are numerous. Everyone is irritablesleep deprivation does that to you. There is the measuring of ‘who does more’ and the resentment that the other expects so much of you or doesn’t pull their weight. There is the guilt – guilt about leaving to go to work and guilt about feeling angry. It’s a perfect storm. No wonder relationships suffer in the first 3 years of parenthood.

Dad – what can you do?

Firstly, if you are a fixer, you need to park that idea – your wife is not broken – she is exhausted. The situation is not damaged it’s utterly, exhaustingly normal. And all she wants is for you to listen and tell her she is okay and you are there. Just be her rock – not her scissors!

Secondly, acknowledge how tough it is for her. 24/7 with a new baby or up all night and a hectic day job – this is as tough as it gets. Do not try to compete or show that you are also under strain, just acknowledge that this is the toughest thing she has done in her life.

And most importantly know that you are IT – you are the single most important person in her life – it may feel like your baby is but truly, you are the vessel, in which she can be sheltered to do a job she feels inadequate for. Buffer the world and be her quiet place. Hold and contain your partner and baby. It’s the most you can do.

Finally, learn to say sorry – a lot – and laugh whenever you can. I can promise you your wife will return and she will be your true love again. She just needs time to emerge from the quagmire of motherhood in the first 3 years.

Mom – what can you do?

You are exhausted with little time to consider the emotions of others, you are all consumed with your baby – a state we call Primary Maternal Preoccupation.  This is a normal state and will ensure the survival of your baby.

But there is someone else to consider – your partner, the person you dream with, laugh with and who is your love. It’s tough to be dad and feel like the third wheel. He will be wondering when he gets you back and how to reach you.

  • You need to make him part of your parenting journey. Give him a role to play whether it’s the one who holds the baby during horror hour when she wont settle or the one who does the 10pm feed or the one who does bath time. Give your partner a role and do not criticise the way he does it. Make him feel as indispensible as he is.
  • You need to make time to connect – whether its watching a series together or having one date night a week or making the effort to have sex, even when sleep is more attractive. You need to give him space in your life.
  • You need to tell him how vital he is. You know how much you need him so tell him that.

Parenting is not for the faint hearted but its rewards are amazing. Embrace the journey – together.

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July 2018 Newsletter

NEWSLETTER - July 2018


Original article by Meg Faure

A fussy baby who cries a lot each day, has to be one of the toughest challenges for new parents.  It leaves you feeling helpless when you can’t sooth your baby. I recommend that moms do the 7 S’s of Soothing:


Develop ‘sensory eyes’ to read what may be causing your baby to be over stimulated, such as a loud and busy room or the smell of strong perfume. Remove your baby from the stimulus or change to a more calming environment.


Regular sleeps help to reset our ‘sensory load’ and prevent over stimulation – watch your baby’s awake times to ensure that she settles to sleep before becoming overtired. A newborn’s awake time is only 45-60 minutes – that’s a very short time before the next sleep is due. If your baby sleeps well in the day, she is way less likely to be fussy in the evening.


Tightly wrapping your baby in a stretchy blanket has been proven to calm young babies significantly and help them sleep well.


Sucking a dummy or thumb will help to settle your little one as there are so many touch receptors that provide soothing input for fractious little ones.


Sounds such as white noise, e.g. the sounds of waves or radio static absorbs other sounds and is very calming for your baby. Lullabies and nature music help with calming and sleep.


Little babies seek to be held and snuggled – I think the best way to do this is with a wrap-style baby carrier. If your little one is fractious – pop her into the carrier and pace the floor until she settles.

Stick to one strategy

The last thing an over stimulated baby needs is a lot of quick changes and each intervention you use is a stimulus for a short time, until your baby gets used to it. Try any of the above strategies for at least 5 minutes before trying the next.

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May 2018 Newsletter



Original article by Isabelle Dagenais (

What is the foundation of a mother and child relationship? If you bet on unconditional love, read on and find out that even this love can face troubled times.

As for every other aspect of maternity, we don’t know what personality our child will have. We all dream of a lovely baby who only cries when they need something and who can easily be calmed down and you might get lucky… But others will have a child who suffers from colic, gastric reflux or other medical issues. Some babies have “intense needs” and cry for hours every day and no one can satisfy them. This situation can cause suffering and give you a feeling of worthlessness, especially if it happens regularly.

Nevertheless, we must adapt to their ways of showing their needs! Adapting to the temper of our child may take some time, especially if they do not meet our expectations. In this case we must forget about the ideal baby… and one day, we will accept them and things will be better!

What also helps is to realize that we are not responsible for our baby’s temper. If you doubt that babies are born with their own temper, ask the mother of twins and she will tell you how different they were from the beginning. It doesn’t mean that we have no impact on our child! Of course, our perception of the situations, our emotions and reactions influence our child and that is why we should take good care of our emotional state.

Mother-child relationship

Each mother-child relationship is unique and begins long before our child is born.

Remember the time when you desired a child or your thoughts when you realized that you were pregnant. Not to mention your pregnancy and labor…

  • Did you want a child?
  • How did you react to the news?
  • What physical and psychological state were you when you were pregnant?
  • How did the delivery go?
  • How was your first contact?
  • Do you adapt easily to your child’s temper?

Each of those steps was influenced by thoughts and emotions… Each of those steps is part of your lives and of your relationship with your child.

Regret and guilt

Many of you regret some thoughts, emotions or reactions. You wish things had been different and you are afraid of the consequences on your child or on your relationship. Or you feel guilty and you want to fix the “wrongs” that you think you have caused to your child.

Is there a thought or a reaction that you had related to your child and you still couldn’t forgive yourself?

If you have regrets or if you are feeling guilty, it is important to try to forgive yourself and to accept what you have been through. Remember that you acted to the best of your knowledge and that you had no bad intentions. Make peace with the past to avoid dragging this energy into your relationship with your child. Your guilt could influence your behavior or make you feel even guiltier when your child will go through tough times.

To begin feeling better, I suggest an exercise that is in my book. Write a letter to your child and express your regrets, your emotions, your deceptions and the way you feel as a mother. Avoid censorship so that it is truly liberating and once you are done throw the letter away!

Relational challenges

Most people believe that because we wanted a child, our relationship with them will be wonderful! We believe that our love will protect us from problems and conflicts. In fact, love will help us to remain engaged in this relationship when disagreements will occur.

Through their temper, their behavior or their attitude, a child can trigger unwanted emotions. Sometimes, our relationship with our child may be difficult if we are constantly forced to face our limits and our flaws. It is as if some situations were getting to the worst of us. Most of our scars, limits and flaws will be highlighted on this road to motherhood. It is, therefore, necessary to learn to do some soul searching to understand the way we feel and learn from the situation. Blaming our child is never an option.

By taking full responsibility, we build strong foundations to this relationship that we care about so much. Whether we have a baby, a young child or a pre-teen, the goal is to build our relationship every day, to accept their temper, to tolerate a behavior that displeases us, to express compassion for their distress and to do so even if we don’t understand!

In conclusion, I want to share this inspirational quote:

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October 2017 Newsletter

NEWSLETTER - October 2017


What is Low Pressure Fitness?

It is a rhythmic breathing exercise system/program set to specific postures and together it creates an anticipatory/automatic response or activation of the deep core musculature. This training system is based on Hypopressives breathing, myofascial and neurodynamic techniques; postural and breathing re-education, combined with the most advanced neuro-educational methodology.

Low Pressure Fitness (LPF) conditions your entire body from the inside out. It is a global approach to training and works on the various muscle chains in the body (anterior, posterior, cross chain etc). All movement starts with the deep core muscles working together as a team to support you in that specific movement. LPF teaches you how to align your body, breathe and activate core function so that your deep core can meet the demands of every move you make and manage intra-abdominal pressure.

How does this work?

It is important to understand the core 4 is a system of deep muscles, working together as a team. This group can be briefly described as the diaphragm, pelvic floor, deep abdominal belt and back muscles. All movement starts from the core and for the core to be functional the system needs to work together, synergistically and in balance. One should also remember that daily life actions like coughing, sneezing, laughing, sport activities like skipping, running or jumping results in intra-abdominal pressure.  If one part of the team is not functioning properly or is out of balance it will also not manage intra-abdominal pressure due to these daily activities and the weakest point or member of the core team will give way or compensate. Symptoms of core dysfunction will be experienced as incontinence, diastasis recti, pelvic organ prolapse, back pain and many more.



Benefits of Low Pressure Fitness:

  • Toning of the abdomino-perineal muscles and waistline narrowing. Trains deep core muscles at its resting tone. No pulling in of belly or forced tone activation of muscles groups in isolation.
  • Prevention of muscle injury and prevention/maintenance of Hernias (Hiatus, inguinal, vaginal/pelvic organ prolapse)
  • Prevention of pelvic floor dysfunctions eg urinary incontinence (stress urinary incontinence experienced by young athletes is very common and thus, combining this with sport programs offers a great preventative benefit to female athletes). Incontinence is also a symptom experienced by many post-natal and pre and post-menopausal women, so following the LPF program will kick start or retrain your core to become functional, reduce and prevent symptoms of urine leakage.
  • Sexual performance enhancement for men and women
  • Post-natal rehabilitation, eg for diastasis recti/separation six pack muscles due to pregnancy
  • And many more

Where can I find CoreConnect and LPF classes?I received training in Barcelona in 2016 and have been working in and around Cape Town/northern suburbs for a year now. I personally suffered from abdominal separation/Diastasis recti after my second baby and this program offered a significant improvement and rehab tool for the condition. My passion is women’s health and I approach core-pelvic floor, breath and alignment from a fitness, health and wellness perspective. As owner of Core Connect and director of LPF in South Africa, I offer various options for clients either wanting to rehab pre and post-natal, pre and post-menopausal, add this to their regular fitness or exercise program. I offer small beginner groups, maintenance groups where I add full body strengthening workouts, private sessions at home or at general venues or small LPF express groups. I work mainly in and around Cape Town and northern suburbs, but do travel if needed.

I am hosting a women’s event together with my sister, Janet Kimmel, Kegels and Karma, on the 13th of January 2018, the first of many to come. This event will be geared toward women’s health and will be informational, educational, motitvational and fun. It is the perfect way to kick start your year to be balanced, well and motivated. I will be running a workshop on LPF so be sure to have a look at our website and buy your ticket for the event:

Where can I find LPF qualified instructors and more information?

The first professional Level 1 course was hosted in Cape Town in May 2017 and there will be a second course running in October. Word is spreading and in 2018 there will be more courses for professionals in Cape Town and in Gauteng. You can find contact details of qualified trainers on the website  or facebook page low pressure fitness south africa.

You can also contact Shirley Boerssen directly for more information on the program, trainers, how to become a trainer and more. Please see contact details below.
Looking forward to meeting and seeing you in my sessions.

Happy Hypos
Shirley Boerssen

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Seasons Greetings

dec 2012

Stress, stress go away, come back another day…

Children bring joy, love and countless gifts to our lives, and there is no deeper bond than that between mother and child. However, with the commitment to nurture another human being from infancy to adulthood (and beyond), comes an additional load of stress and the stress that comes with motherhood can be significant.

While each mother may face unique stressors, many demands of motherhood and the stressors experienced are virtually universal.

A High percentage of mothers feel stress in the following areas:

Time Demands
 Finance
 Relationship Demands
 Protective Instincts
 Self Doubt
 Time Alone

So if you want to live a healthier, happier and potentially live longer, you must reduce stress.

Let’s look at some fun and pleasurable ways to reduce stress and improve the quality of your life at the same time:

Exercise, especially aerobic exercise, can help to reduce stress. An additional side effect of exercise for stress reduction is that you might lose weight and gain muscle mass.

Sleep is so crucial to living a vital life. Ensuring you get enough sleep but not too much can be a tricky balancing act. Getting enough quality sleep will help reduce stress.

Reading helps relax your body while keeping your mind active.

Laughter is, as they have long said, the best medicine and that is the case with stress relief too. Find things you love to do, and do them. Throw a few jokes and laughter in along the way.


Come and Relax at Mommy Wellness with our Pure Stress Relief Treatment, for that half an hour we will transport you to another world! We will sooth away the tension in your scalp, back, neck and shoulders….