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Sunscreen for Summer

oct 2012

Summer is here and soon everyone will be looking for that perfect sunscreen that will give you the best protection for the summer sun. But unfortunately the most well-intentioned daily sunscreen wearers are likely doing it wrong.

Even the most diligent people who put on sunscreen everyday or buy makeup with SPF still are likely not getting the protection they think.

That’s because, for women, protecting yourself from the sun is more complex than just choosing an SPF number. The sunscreen in foundation or tinted moisturizer isn’t enough for everyday protection. And the sunscreen in cosmetics mostly offers protection against one type of ultraviolet ray, and makeup isn’t applied as thoroughly or frequently as needed.

And though dermatologists recommend wearing a sunscreen every day, most people don’t. Only about one in five people wears sunscreen properly on a consistent daily basis.

But a product’s SPF indicates only its ability to defend against sunburn-causing ultraviolet-B rays—and not against ultraviolet-A, which penetrate deeper into the skin and cause premature aging. (Both types contribute to skin cancer.) For example, a person wearing SPF 50 could spend considerable time in the sun without getting burned. “They think they’re getting protected but they’re getting the silent damage from UVA.

Sunscreen products that pass a new FDA test will now say “broad spectrum,” followed by the product’s SPF, to indicate its effectiveness for both types of rays. Dermatologists recommend wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 15 every day.

The UVA component is important, as window panes—at home or office or car—often blocks UVB but not UVA rays.

That is why I love Nimue’s new Sunscreen SPF 20, it provides the following:

• a wider variety of UVA filters that works in synergy giving you better protection – Nimue have in actual fact used a lower percentage of chemicals with double the SPF
• more antioxidants
• photostablisers so you move away from free radical formation and thus again enhance the performance of the SPF
• Moisturising properties
• Still the blend of organic and inorganic SPF’s

Nimue already conform with new SPF regulations that will come into play July 2013 and they have proven UVA protection done by an independent company (part of the July 2013 regulations) Do not delay in buying your sunscreen this summer and ensure that you do buy a sunscreen like Nimue that already conform to the SPF regulations for 2013.