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4th Trimester healing hour

nov 2012

Those early months of new motherhood can be exhausting. Our 4th Trimester Healing Hour helps to realign and restore your body as it naturally adapts and returns to being one person again. This is your healing hour – and you’ve earned it. A perfect present from your loved ones, or even from yourself.

Benefits and Intention:

The 4th Trimester Healing hour is composed to alleviate many of the discomforts experienced immediately after birth and assist in recuperation and the return of the clients body to its normal pre-pregnancy state. Massage stimulates glandular secretions, stabilizing hormonal levels making their side effects less severe, increase blood and lymphatic circulation, relieving oedema and swelling. The intention to stimulate a parasympathetic response, of the mother’s autonomic nervous system, (rest and relaxation). Skilled massage therapist establish good communication with their clients about their pressure and closely track their clients’ responses during the session.