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Surviving the morning rush

dec 2014

I am a mom of an absolutely gorgeous little 2 and a half year old toddler girl – Yes I say this while I am sitting in front of my computer at work, she is at school, husband at work and I have some peace and quiet.

I do not know how your routine works in the morning but mine is crazy, I have everything worked out to the minute – Well that was until my two year old decided that she wants to dress herself and not just that BUT also choose her own clothes. Now, I only have one girl – I do not know if boys are the same – but can you just take a minute and imagine you have 3 or 4 girls! Madness.

My husband leaves at 6am in the morning for work, so I get up when he leaves and then get myself ready. Those who know me I do not ‘faff’ I hardly wear make-up and all those fancy things. Anyway, get in the shower, get myself ready, (during that time Izeblla woke up) and opening and closing my shower door asking me why she must go to school, why am I showering, why is the cat in the room…..why why why… Then I get dress, put Lollos on for her – yes my child watch tv in the morning that is the only way I can get something done. I am not one of those super moms. Then I pack her lunch box and get her cereal ready. And again she gets cereal in the morning – not eggs and toast, not flapjacks…. I seriously do not know how working moms manage to do that. If you do it – please email me your secret. Then give her, her cereal – ( this again is a topic on its own) When should they start to eat on their own? Are they eating enough? And And And. THEN – the dressing part…

She runs to her room, as if it is a game. Now, I do try to mentally prepare myself for this time of the morning, sometimes I handle it better than other – then I count to 100. But the other days I just can’t help it. I must just add I am a very strict mom, so at the beginning I told her what to wear, she had no choice in the matter – it would end up being a big screaming match, Izebella in tears, I am so angry because she does not want to listen! Then I decided I have to take a different approach – I can no do this every morning So I started reading up about it – and I came across a very interesting article in Edunews. I will give you the link below. Bottom line is that you need to let them dress themselves. It is a very important stage of growing up. I started following the advice that they gave in the article, and it is not always easy but I do understand my little girl better.

I must also admit that I do sometimes change her shoes (gum boots with a church dress) just before we go out, while she is busy – then she does not even notice it 🙂

Ps. Bear in mind this is actually a milestone – like taking that first step – I know it does not feel like it but let’s try and celebrate it.  Click on the link below and you will find the article in the online magazine. – Page 32. Enjoy your day!