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Feel Good Suggestions

REFLECTIONS ON THE YEAR THAT WAS And yet another year comes to an end and possibly, you have already started reflecting on the year that was. For some it was the best year ever, for others the worst and then there are those whose year was just so-so. Irrespective of challenges and struggles, to start the new year ahead on a positive note, it is important that you get ready to put your best foot forward when saying “HELLO” to 2020”! Mommy Wellness has put together a few ‘Feel Good’ suggestions, preparing for the year ahead. Give them a try and see how they change the lives of those around you.
  • Reach out and touch (Don’t get carried away with this one) When next saying thank you to someone, reach out and touch their arm gently to portray your appreciation
  • Give Receiving an unexpected gift, no matter how small, always leaves one feeling warm and appreciated.  Give something to someone close, to show that they are special
  • Be generous When next buying in bulk packs (eg. Socks, underwear, tinned foods, etc.), remove an item or two and give it to someone less fortunate.  It will mean the world to them and do wonders for your well-being
  • Smile and the whole world smiles with you Remember a smile is contagious.  Be it a good or bad day you may be having, just smile and see how it encourages everyone around you
  • Volunteer Spend some time volunteering for a fund-raising organisation or soup kitchen and be grateful for your well-stocked fridge at home (Don’t forget to take your smile with you)
  • Pay It Forward People on the receiving end are left speechless with this one.  When next at your favourite drive-thru, pay for the guy’s milkshake or Quarter Pounder in the car behind you.  Don’t look back to see his reaction.  The warm feeling you experience will be a reward in itself
  • Little things count Write a thank you note to a co-worker, family member or even the refuse truck driver.  It is something that will take them by sheer surprise and guaranteed they will keep and cherish that note forever!
  • Live in the moment Switch off your phone and be PRESENT with the people in the room.  Pay attention, listen to them and respond to what they are saying
  • Don’t be complacent Be grateful for everything you have.  Instead of taking it for granted, grow it.  Complacency stunts growth.
  • Celebrate Never stop celebrating.  Celebrate life, health and those close to you.  Always count your Blessings!
  "Forget yesterday--it has already forgotten you. Don't sweat tomorrow--you haven't even met. Instead, open your eyes and your heart to a truly precious gift--today." Steve Maraboli