Pregnancy Acne



Other than the tummy bump, Mommy Wellness is not going to help you count ALL the other bumps that suddenly pop up, but we certainly can help when it comes to reducing them.

Some bumps are really cute, like the growing tummy bump that you keep checking on sideways in the mirror.

Then suddenly that same once-loved mirror tells you something else!  There are some ‘not so cute’ bumps suddenly appearing on your face, and in some instances, in other areas of the body where you have never had a pimple or rash in your life.

Shouldn’t skin be ‘glowing’ during pregnancy?  The answer to that question is ‘not always’.

It is quite common that one in two women suffer from pregnancy acne. That is almost 50%!

Massive changes start taking place in the preggie body, and an increase in hormones called androgens cause the skin glands to grow, producing more sebum, which is an oily, waxy-type substance.  The oil often clogs the pores, and this leads to inflammation, bacteria and inevitable breakouts.

Although most likely to develop during your first trimester as the pregnancy hormones start doing a marathon, pregnancy acne can present itself at anytime during pregnancy.  Blemishes are often more like inflamed pimples than blackheads.

Not every pregnant Mom suffers this annoying condition during pregnancy, and some Moms may find that an existing acne condition may even clear up.

If previous bouts of acne have been experienced, especially when breakouts occur around the monthly cycle, it is quite probable that it will happen to you whilst pregnant.

Oh, and just a heads up.  Don’t be surprised at all if after getting all excited when you see the bumps diminishing a little, they re-appear in the third trimester, when hormone levels surge to the next level.

Although acne can persist even after baby arrives, it will typically disappear on its own.  Mommy Wellness has done lots of homework on the condition and provides support and relief to Moms, by offering some amazing facial treatments.

There is no need to have your pregnancy marred by acne, especially if it is severe, or starting to cause scarring.

Mommy Wellness offers a host of relaxing ‘pregnant-friendly’ facial pampers.

From gentle cleansing and exfoliation, to superficial peeling, skin repair and hydrating masks.

Every woman wants to look her best during this exciting and important phase.  Obviously, the health and well-being of baby is first and foremost in Moms’ minds, but special care should be taken of the skin and of course, hygiene.

  • A gentle facial will relax and refresh you
  • You will feel fabulous and look like a million Dollars
  • You won’t be able to cope with the compliments and likely to forget the few discomforts of pregnancy
  • Skin problems, rashes or breakouts will be taken care of
  • Professional salon treatments will enhance sleep


  • Call your closest Mommy Wellness branch to make an appointment
  • Always tell the Therapist who will be doing the treatment that you are pregnant
  • Understand and discuss the different treatments

Mommy Wellness loves spoiling, and we know just how!

We exercise extreme care and caution during facials, leaving our Moms-To-Be feeling loved, pampered and beautiful!

Call your local Mommy Wellness Day Spa for more details or visit us on:

Pregnancy Massages

Pregnancy Massages

Pregnancy Massages


Mommy Wellness is all too familiar with that preggie seesaw feeling of glowing one minute and then the next, not really being sure of whether your toes are still where they belong.

Mommy Wellness Day Spas have highly qualified pre-natal Therapists who are professionally trained in dealing with special treatments required by your body during pregnancy.

At Mommy Wellness our Therapists are very aware of the importance of correct positioning during such treatment, at the same time, keeping a vigilant check on the possible development of varicose veins.  This is an essential aspect of pre-natal massage and protects both Mom-To-Be and baby.

It goes without saying that there will naturally be those general aches and pains and then the sudden discovery of muscles that you never knew even existed.

Often constipation, nausea and swollen ankles, coupled with a zillion trips to the loo every 10 minutes add to the stress of a Mom-To-Be, and of course, the added dismay of those favourite blouses that somehow seem to shrink a little more every time they are washed.

Is massage safe during pregnancy?

As long as your pregnancy is considered as ‘low risk’, we do not foresee any problems at all.  However, if you have suffered from any Hypertension or have perhaps experienced any signs of premature labour, you need to have a chat with your Doctor or Gynae and get the ‘go ahead’ first. Many Therapists do not suggest massage during the first trimester.  Sometimes, Moms-To-Be are not even aware that they are pregnant in this early stage. If you suspect that you may be pregnant and after consultation with your Doctor or Gynae, massage therapy may commence at any stage during pregnancy.

A professional massage has some amazing benefits for pregnant Moms. 

From the relief of pain to reducing stress levels, a therapeutic massage also provides emotional support.

Moms-To-Be are often understandably nervous about pre-natal massages.  But then again, they are pretty nervous about most things during this time.

What are the benefits of pre-natal massage?

Mommy Wellness has done extensive research into the documented benefits of pre-natal massage.  These are the most important, which should help you decide once you have checked in with your Doctor or Gynae:

  • Much to the delight of your partner, there is no doubt that pre-natal massage improves your mood
  • It definitely reduces joint aches and pains, headaches and tension. Backache can become a huge irritation and we take good care of this for you too
  • Even though you won’t be seeing them for a while, massage helps reduce the swelling in legs and ankles
  • Even the best emotional support will not replace a nurturing touch. Remember when you wanted to punch the cashier at the shop?  Those were your hormones getting a bit jittery and begging for some attention
  • Stress levels and anxiety often shoot through the roof. After all, you are choosing names (and at the same time, checking that their meanings are not rude in a foreign language), working out finances and even thinking about schooling.  A soothing massage will help tremendously!
  • A Bella Roze Pregnancy Massage will also help get you out of bed on your own, without expecting a helping hand. Wouldn’t that be great?
  • YOU NEED ALL THE SLEEP YOU CAN GET! Parenting can be hard work, especially in the beginning. (Yes, difficulties change along the way).  A gentle massage will get those sleeping patterns under control in readiness for the pajama drill!

We care about you!

Remember that too much heat is not good during pregnancy. Please be wary of hot stone massages during this time.

Certain acupuncture points in legs and feet can trigger uterine spasms and sometimes even premature labour. Our qualified Therapists know how to avoid them, so you are in safe hands.

During a pre-natal massage, you should never be asked to lie on your back. Pregnant Moms-To-Be should always be positioned on their sides. Our Therapists will always ensure you are in the right position.

Mommy Wellness Day Spas want only the best for our special Moms-To-Be!