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Baby Bump


You are in the right place! We specialize in treating pregnant women through every single trimester and making you feel good when perhaps you feel pretty average.

Pregnancy Massage is great to alleviate all those aches and pains especially in your back, neck and shoulders during this physically challenging time. Pregnancy massage is also a brilliant way to alleviate the stress and anxiety that comes with knowing (or not quite knowing) what to expect with the little bundle (or bundles) of joy.


Remember regular massage is the way to go throughout your pregnancy. You’re allowed to have it as often as you like. The best timetable to follow with your pregnancy massage is the same as your obstetricians.

The further you progress into your pregnancy the more often you will come. You will find the need for massages increases because of the change of weight in your body and increased pressure it puts on all your muscles and joints, which can leave you feeling pretty sore and miserable. *please note that we do not do pregnancy massages during your 1st trimester*

Here are just a few other reasons why you should try having prenatal massage with us at Mommy Wellness.

  • Your sore lower back will feel great again
  • That tension in your neck and shoulders will dissolve
  • You’ll be able to have a good night sleep again
  • Headaches will be alleviated
  • That awful swelling in your hands, feet and even face will be greatly reduced when having a regular massage
  • The cramping in your legs should go away
  • You won’t feel so stressed out anymore and feel better equipped to deal with the challenges ahead

Nanny Service During Treatments

playden2While mommy/daddy are being pampered one of the care givers will keep the children busy with neurological and sensory integration activities. Mommy Wellness believes that in the early stages of a child’s development, children will learn through their senses:  eyes, ears, feel, taste and smell.

Although humans have five senses, two of them are over-accentuated in our daily information processing load.  These are the eyes and the ears.  The eyes and the ears are responsible for two very important informational inputs:  visual and auditory.  However, the external output systems (mouth, voice, hands and feet) are of particular relevance to understanding a person’s reaction to information.

If the brain receives messages through the senses it will interpret the messages and react to the information.  It is through the process of sensory messages that the child will be able to develop concepts, thinking processes and reasoning.  Children will be able to develop abstract thinking through this process.

The children will learn though play and attention will be given to physical, perceptual and creative development.

Please enquire at your nearest branch about our Nanny Services

Baby Massage


Infant Massage is stroking your baby’s whole body in a loving and nurturing way, using a natural oil. It can be done from birth and continued as your child grows.


On an emotional level:

  • provides interaction and communication
  • lays the foundation for a warm and positive relationship
  • deepens bonding
  • creates a sense of oneness and harmony
  • benefits those giving the massage too
  • baby feels comforted, loved and reassured

On a physical level:

  • deep relaxation
  • lowers stress hormones
  • stimulates all the systems of the body
  • encourages healthy growth
  • increases resistance against disease
  • aids digestion
  • promotes sleep
  • improves circulation and muscle tone
  • encourages deep breathing
  • helps to relieve colic and fussiness
  • reduces complications and increases weight gain in premature babies
  • beneficial for babies with special needs as well as healthy babies
  • massage can be adapted for tiny babies and older children
  • and many more!

Where friendships are built

friendsmeet2Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people – Eleanor Roosevelt

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