YES, YOU CAN!!! There is no getting away from the fact that most women will experience menopause during their lives. Some earlier than later, and a few lucky ones who escape it completely, like the “one that got away”. There has always been much negativity around this maturing phase, and understandably when calling to mind an array of unwelcome symptoms, amongst others:
  • Hot flushes
  • Mood swings
  • Insomnia or sleep disturbance
  • Thinning hair
The disheartening list is long but believe it or not, menopause can also have a positive impact on one’s life. Not all physical changes caused by the reduction of female hormones are negative.  Many of the emotional and social changes can be quite uplifting. Mommy Wellness thought it would be a refreshing approach to look at just some of the positives of one of life’s natural transitions. Let’s start with the obvious one first: GOODBYE MONTHLYS – and not a month too soon either! Marking the end of the menstrual cycle is a cause for celebration for many women in itself.  No more last-minute tampon or pad shopping, no more leaks and the end of menstrual cramps. The cessation of periods also puts an end to the guessing game of when your period will start and stop and for those women who are often restricted to their homes on ‘heavy’ days, it is liberating. And don’t forget, now being able to safely wear white again too! DID YOU MENTION PMS? Isn’t it amazing how unpopular we seem to become a week or two before a period is due to start?  Suddenly everyone seems to start hating us and we seem to start hating everyone just as much, if not more! PMS is very common and most irritating both for the sufferer and for those who suffer around the sufferer. As oestrogen levels rise and fall, PMS causes a host of physical and emotional symptoms, which include breast tenderness, headaches, food cravings and irritability. The good news is that PMS disappears after Menopause. KISSES AND CUDDLES:  NUDGE-NUDGE, WINK-WINK Well we know where this often leads and believe it or not, during menopause, women tend to be able to enjoy intimacy far more than before, without the obvious fear of having to think about a possible pregnancy. This makes a vast difference, according to a multisite, longitudinal study of the physical and psychosocial changes which women experience in midlife, including menopause.  Hooray! NO MORE HORMONAL HEADACHES – NO MORE EXCUSES Another study shows that women are affected by migraines three times more often than men.  About 70 percent of these women were found to suffer from menstrual migraines, which coincide with ovulation and menstruation. These headaches, like normal headaches, can cause a throbbing pain on one side of the head and are often accompanied by nausea, vomiting and light or sound sensitivity.  During normal menstrual cycles, the migraines can be triggered by fluctuating levels of oestrogen and progesterone. After menopause, the two levels fall, and therefore, usually hormonal headaches decline too. Another positive for sufferers to look forward to, once on the other side of the menopausal transition. EVEN UTERINE FIBROIDS SHRINK A lot of women approaching their 50 ‘s develop uterine tumours.  They are almost always benign and usually grow when oestrogen levels are high, and during pregnancy, when oestrogen and progesterone levels increase.  They also present themselves sometimes during perimenopause, when oestrogen levels swing from low to high. Depending on whether fibroid symptoms present heavy menstrual bleeding, or if pressure on the bladder is severe, surgery may be recommended.  Luckily, fibroids usually stop growing or shrink considerably when menopause arrives, and when oestrogen levels decline. For those who have monitored fibroid growth trying to avoid surgery, or for those who have heavy periods due to fibroids, menopause is a welcome arrival and provides a much-needed break. PERFECT TIMING FOR A FRESH START After menopause women experience a rush of physical and psychological energy. This sudden burst encourages many women to take a look at their lives.  Many decide to take a fresh approach, looking into their relationships, their professions and their health. It could be interpreted as a ‘wakeup call’, inspiring women to grab a new lease on life with both hands and finding new ways of expending new-found energy. It allows women to re-assess themselves and make sure that they put their best foot forward, heading in the direction they wish to go, both personally and professionally. Spending meaningful time on one’s self is very important. A NEW YOU IS ON THE HORIZON Feeling even more empowered is not uncommon for postmenopausal women.  This is partly because of the biological changes which take place during menopause and partly because of the stage of life at which menopause takes place. The relief of not having your ‘monthlys’, no risk of pregnancy, mood swings and all that goes with PMS symptoms, are all factors which rejuvenate post-menopausal women. In the meantime, children are maturing, and this in itself allows a feeling of more freedom and provides more time to pursue professional and personal goals. Life experience after 50-plus years has included all sorts of ups and downs, from child-rearing, relationships, careers and the like. This is the perfect time for women to get out there and pursue what they want with an amazing sense of new confidence, and with no qualms about kicking butt on their new journey.

Effects of Screen Time

Just how many times have we heard it, or mentioned it ourselves: “When we were kids, there was no such thing as constantly sitting in front of a screen, playing games or watching movies” Well quite honestly, there was NO SUCH THING!  We got on with proper toys which were usually educational, or riding bikes or climbing trees, until we were summoned to dinner. WHAT HAS CHANGED? The world has changed.  It has evolved, bringing with it the latest technology which now seems to play a massive role in how we conduct our everyday lives.  Our Youth sadly don’t really know what it would be like to play with miniature cars, Lego or Barbies, let alone climb a tree! Granted, new age technology and devices provide many options, including educational applications, but they provide a lot of other things too, which unfortunately can be less desirable when it comes to children, their leisure time, activities and SCREENS! So, what are the EFFECTS OF TOO MUCH SCREEN TIME:
  • Obesity: When children are inactive, they are not actively burning calories.  Exercise is required to maintain good health
  • Insomia: Being glued to a screen just before bed interrupts sleep.  This reportedly has to do with the light from digital devices causing eye strain.  Over-stimulation of the brain also has an effect on sleep patterns
  • Social Problems:  Children are vulnerable and too much screen time can affect their judgement.  They can become de-sensitised to violence and are often persuaded to re-enact what they see
  • Academic Issues:  The temptation of screen time is great and tends to distract children whilst they should be applying their minds to school-work
Adults are not exempt from abusing screen time.  Valuable family time is neglected whilst many parents engage on social media, or other applications which sometimes seem more attractive than family life. WHAT CONTROL MEASURES SHOULD BE CONSIDERED? IT’S TIME FOR A FAMILY MEETING Discuss the effects of excessive screen time as a family and allow each family member to suggest ideas as to what they feel would be fair as far as screen time is concerned. A few simple ideas could include:
  • Look at signing up Google Family or Family Sharing, available on Android or iOS devices. These apps not only allow you to share music, games but you can also keep better control over what your kids are getting involved in on their devices or even on your Smart TVS.
  • Ban any form of device during mealtimes. It is surprising how pleasant talking to one another, without outside distractions can be.
  • When out and about in the car, stop screen time. Kids should be looking at surroundings and not sitting head down looking at a screen.
  • Bathroom time is bathroom time, as is bedroom time. Electronic devices should not be allowed in either of these two rooms in the house
It’s not all DOOM AND GLOOM – there are many fun activities that can be done together as a family! Discuss ideas and activities that the whole family can enjoy together. Consider perhaps:
  • A camping weekend away where preferably there is little or no available Wi-Fi
  • Outdoor games in the garden or a nearby park
  • Board games
  • A visit to a water park or the beach for a bit of fun in the sun
Adding to the mix of ideas for ‘screen-free’ time-out, Mommy Wellness have awesome Spa packages for Lads and Dads and Pamper packages for Mothers and Daughters. A perfect way to unwind and relax, without a screen to be seen! Don’t wait till your children are all grown up and leave the nest. Get outside, get active or book a day at the Spa and make some special memories today!

But more importantly have fun while you do it!



ADD A LITTLE BIT OF ‘SPICE’ THIS VALENTINE’S DAY No, we are not talking about dinner at your favourite Curry Restaurant (although it may be a good place to start, nor are we referring to being heavy-handed with the garlic)! Being a Mom on Valentine’s Day sometimes makes things a bit more challenging, especially if you have planned a lovely romantic dinner and just as you are about to serve your delicious meal, baby decides it’s time for a quick nappy change.   PROBABLY MORE THAN A WEE-WEE AWAITS What’s more, it’s probably not only going to be a wee-wee but guaranteed, we could escalate that to an impromptu baby bath, with duckies and all! Oh well, those are the joys of Motherhood, which we wouldn’t change for anything in the world!  Well, not until they become teenagers!   SUGAR AND SPICE Valentine’s Day can be really exciting - especially for new couples. For couples who are a little more ‘seasoned’ (oh no, not seasoning again!) it can sometimes feel that celebrations have become a little stale, boring or worse, even predictable! Regardless, adding a bit of spice goes a long way, so If you feel that this ‘day of love’ just doesn’t do it for you anymore, it’s definitely time to spice it up!   ONCE A YEAR IS NOT ENOUGH Couples need to show appreciation and affection to each other all year round and not just on Valentine’s Day.  Buying flowers or chocolates and going out for dinner is great, but that alone once a year, is not adequate to sustain a loving relationship.   LET’S HAVE SOME FUN
  • Book a getaway If the 14th of February happens to fall on an inconvenient day, choose a place together ON the 14th and go later in the year.  It will give you some time to arrange a babysitter and something to look forward to together
  • Hit the road Go for a nice drive.  Choose somewhere scenic but safe where you can spend special time together, chatting and focusing on each other.
  • Start All Over Again (This is cute) ‘Pick Each other up’.  Arrange a babysitter and leave home separately. Meet your partner at a bar or restaurant and go over and offer them a drink and let the games begin.  Stay up late, dance, laugh!  The kids will appreciate you even more when you get home!
  • Be different Get a few friends who know you both well and ask them to write down a few suggestions of something new that you can do together as a family.  A sure way to get everyone out of their little comfort zones
  • Re-create your first date This one depends on whether the first date was good or not.  Some first dates are disastrous!  But hey, you have managed to get this far together, so it couldn’t have been that bad.  If it was, now’s the time to remember those ‘butterflies’ and fix it!
  • Work towards a common goal Put together a list of ‘to do’s’ and pick something off the list to do this year.  Plan how you will accomplish it and start working together towards it. Working towards a common goal is exciting and lots of fun for the whole family
  • Create a fantasy bedroom So, for this one, you don’t even need to leave home.  Decorate your bedroom to set a romantic tone.  Dim the lights, light candles and play some romantic music.  Maybe even some rose petals sprinkled on the bed?
Hopefully, this time no nappy changes or impromptu baths will be needed!  






ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A ‘REAL-LIFE MARY POPPINS’??  Guess what?  They do exist! Okay, okay, it was a choice actually between finding a Millionaire (so you needn’t have to go back to work), or a Mary Poppins. Mommy Wellness soon discovered that finding a millionaire is like looking for a needle in a haystack, so we opted for the easy route and looked into the aspect of Nanny Services. There are loads of them, offering a host of services and all aimed at making the working Mom’s life so much easier. Yes, it’s that time of the year again, when many young Moms will be faced with the daunting thought of having to return to work.  Maybe we should have looked a little harder in the haystack! But hey ho, hey ho, it’s off to work you go!  Let’s face it, it is one of the hardest decisions to make, when having to hand over your little one into someone else’s care.   And this is where Mary Poppins comes into the story. Concern, sadness, worry and sometimes even guilt, tug at the heartstrings and choosing someone to take your place during your working day seems an almost impossible task. So, Moms will obviously pull out every stop when it comes to handing their child over to someone that they can trust, who will have been carefully screened and referenced for security purposes. Fortunately, as the phenomenon of Moms returning to work has become almost a norm, there are various options and choices available and many reputable Nanny Agencies, which provide well-qualified and nurturing Nannies.   By the way  Whilst being pampered at any of the Mommy Wellness Day Spas, Moms and Dads can rest at ease that their little ones will be well cared for by one of our capable personnel. The children will be kept busy with neurological and sensory integration activities and through play, attention is given to physical, perceptual and creative development. This service needs to be pre-booked when planning a pamper session at a Mommy Wellness Day Spa.   So, back to Nanny Services - What’s the first step?  It is always a good idea firstly to think about your child.  Think about his or her temperament, personality and the way in which they handle change. Does he or she have any special needs?  Then work out how these aspects will affect your working schedule and finances. Remember, there is no right or wrong answer, as all families and routines are different.  Choosing the most suitable nanny to enhance your and your family’s lifestyle is most important.   TO EACH HIS OWN  As in all competitive businesses, every Nanny Service Agency has a different way of operating, striving to render the best and most professional services to their clients. Mommy Wellness looked at the general way in which Agencies work (without including all bells and whistles which the individual Agencies offer).   This is generally how it works, (but not limited to):
  • You approach the Nanny Service Agency with information regarding your and your child’s specific needs
  • The Agency conducts interviews and the initial screening of Nanny applicants
  • Information on applicants who are qualified for the position is supplied to the family by the Agency
  • The final choice and appointment is made by the family who is requiring Nanny services
  • A placement fee is paid by the family to the Agency
  • Salary and benefits are negotiated between the family and the Nanny chosen for the appointment
  • The Nanny’s salary is paid by the family
A reputable Agency will always conduct careful screening and base their selection on prospective Nannies who display common sense, good judgement, patience and energy. Obviously, this is a huge consideration, as the safety and security of your child is a top priority. The choice of Nanny should include their ability to stimulate your child with toys, games and outdoor activities, not forgetting meal and rest times. Depending on the negotiations with your new Nanny, some will even perform light housework and chores, particularly related to your child.  Ie. Laundry, bathing, etc.   THE ADVANTAGES OF NANNY SERVICES:
  • You have more control You are only working with one person and able to direct your Nanny as to what your child will do during the day.  It enables you to keep your child in a set routine when it comes to naps, snacks and playtime. Ask for detailed daily reports and have her send a few pics during the day so that you are still able to experience part of the fun. (And bonus, you won’t need to clean up the mess afterwards).
  • Nanny Cams For added peace of mind, it may be an idea to install a Nanny Cam, obviously with the Nanny’s knowledge.  Discuss your reasons for doing so and reassure her that it is also your way of being able to participate in your child’s daily activities from a distance.
  • Personal attention and no competition Nannies provide a single attachment figure.  This provides the child with the security needed, particularly those children who may have strong reactions to new situations and unfamiliar people. The Nanny focuses solely on the child’s needs and competing for attention will not be of any concern.
  • A little breathing space A child-free commute to work often allows that essential ‘ME-TIME’, during which to plan your day, prepare for an important meeting or just turn up the music volume. Yes, you are entitled to! It can be quite liberating when leaving home with a laptop instead of a nappy bag or toddler rucksack! Breathing space also means that should by chance you have forgotten to put the casserole in the oven, it’s easy to call home and ask your Nanny to help, or not having to take off work when you need a plumber, etc.  Depending on your arrangement, most Nannies will even assist with light housework, kids’ meals and laundry.
  • There is always a back-up plan Nannies also get ill.  Nannies also need leave.  When using the services of a reputable Nanny Agency, you will avoid having to find your own back-up plan. The Agency will usually be able to supply an appropriate ‘stand-in’ during your regular Nanny’s absence. You could discuss this option during your initial communication with the Agency.
Yes, it is going to be tough for the first few days, maybe even weeks.  Once settled and back in the swing of things, you will look back and think: “what was that all about”?  Given the opportunity, children adapt far quicker than parents. Mommy Wellness is sure that you will be pleasantly surprised!

Money Wise & Mommy Wellness. Budgeting for 2020.

Money Wise & Mommy Wellness Quite coincidental that Mommy Wellness shares the same initials on this important and interesting topic, don’t you think? Crackers and Water for the rest of January? PROBABLY! It is not unusual during the month of December to spend excessively, running up credit cards or spending money that we don’t really have at our disposal.  (We won’t dare mention that crackers and water may also be the answer to losing some of those unwanted kilos which seem to have piled on from nowhere), so that’s another topic for another month! January is never plain sailing for many or most households. Mommy Wellness thought it a good idea therefore, to share some ‘doable’ ideas on how to save cleverly during the year. Hopefully some will help avoid another dreaded January but just as importantly, help save enough as a family towards an awesome year-end holiday! Banking statistics show that although South Africans on the whole display a healthy appetite to save, the current economic situation in which we found ourselves is sadly suppressing the hunger pains. Alarmingly, household savings have declined tremendously since the 1980’s and South Africans are currently only able to save on average, 28 cents per disposable Rand available. Recently, certain banks have introduced an innovative idea to save ‘left over’ change when customers swipe or use debit cards at point of sale terminals, without ‘feeling the pinch’ and with no strings attached. What a great idea to encourage a renewed savings mentality! It generally works along these lines: Transactions are rounded up to the nearest R1,00, R2.00, R5,00, R10.00 or R20.00, depending on the client’s requirements. The purchase amount is then rounded up to the client’s specification and the difference is then transferred (usually free of charge), into a linked Savings Account. Transfers between the Savings and Cheque accounts are also permitted and are also usually free of bank charges. Let’s face it, how much easier or ‘pain-free’ can saving be? You will be totally amazed at how much you can save by applying this saving method with your bank. Little by Little and also 'Pain-Free' Some of us still prefer the old method of ‘under-the-mattress stashing’!  Okay, maybe not, but using a built-in safe at home perhaps, where you can keep a beady eye on what’s coming in and what’s going out. Take a look at day-to-day household expenses and try changing just a few habits (yes, they are habits), like switching off the lights when leaving a room as an example This simple method of saving has been tried and tested!  It WORKS!! Start off by ‘stealing’ R10 from your pay cheque once a week for the first month. Put it far away and out of reach! Increase it to R20 the next month to R30 the next month and so on. Every month, you increase the amount by R10 per week, which if you come to think about it, is truly not excessive.  (Start by excluding the chocolate or crisps from your weekly shopping). By starting in January with R10.00 per week and increasing it by R10.00 per week every month, you should have potentially saved R2 640 by the end of November. Come on, how easy is that?  And just in time for a little Christmas shopping expedition too! Just a few arbitrary ‘use or lose’ tips, especially at this time during these annoying power outages:

Feel Good Suggestions

REFLECTIONS ON THE YEAR THAT WAS And yet another year comes to an end and possibly, you have already started reflecting on the year that was. For some it was the best year ever, for others the worst and then there are those whose year was just so-so. Irrespective of challenges and struggles, to start the new year ahead on a positive note, it is important that you get ready to put your best foot forward when saying “HELLO” to 2020”! Mommy Wellness has put together a few ‘Feel Good’ suggestions, preparing for the year ahead. Give them a try and see how they change the lives of those around you.
  • Reach out and touch (Don’t get carried away with this one) When next saying thank you to someone, reach out and touch their arm gently to portray your appreciation
  • Give Receiving an unexpected gift, no matter how small, always leaves one feeling warm and appreciated.  Give something to someone close, to show that they are special
  • Be generous When next buying in bulk packs (eg. Socks, underwear, tinned foods, etc.), remove an item or two and give it to someone less fortunate.  It will mean the world to them and do wonders for your well-being
  • Smile and the whole world smiles with you Remember a smile is contagious.  Be it a good or bad day you may be having, just smile and see how it encourages everyone around you
  • Volunteer Spend some time volunteering for a fund-raising organisation or soup kitchen and be grateful for your well-stocked fridge at home (Don’t forget to take your smile with you)
  • Pay It Forward People on the receiving end are left speechless with this one.  When next at your favourite drive-thru, pay for the guy’s milkshake or Quarter Pounder in the car behind you.  Don’t look back to see his reaction.  The warm feeling you experience will be a reward in itself
  • Little things count Write a thank you note to a co-worker, family member or even the refuse truck driver.  It is something that will take them by sheer surprise and guaranteed they will keep and cherish that note forever!
  • Live in the moment Switch off your phone and be PRESENT with the people in the room.  Pay attention, listen to them and respond to what they are saying
  • Don’t be complacent Be grateful for everything you have.  Instead of taking it for granted, grow it.  Complacency stunts growth.
  • Celebrate Never stop celebrating.  Celebrate life, health and those close to you.  Always count your Blessings!
  "Forget yesterday--it has already forgotten you. Don't sweat tomorrow--you haven't even met. Instead, open your eyes and your heart to a truly precious gift--today." Steve Maraboli

Movember Is Here – Grow Your Mo! Prostate Cancer Awareness



November is the month during which eyes around all the world focus on men’s health issues.  Much attention is given in November to cancer and awareness is raised particularly around the prostate and testicular cancers, amongst others.

To show support and maintain the drive, men are encouraged internationally to “Grow A Mo”, starting with a clean-shaven face on 1 November.

Now the ladies naturally give the guys their full support, but remember, not all ladies like the idea of a Mo, so please remember that although your shaving cream is no longer, you still need to maintain your Mo by grooming and trimming regularly.  This will help keep you out of trouble!

As one of the most common types of cancer in men, prostate cancer usually grows slowly, confined initially to the prostate gland.  There are. However. more aggressive cancers which can spread very quickly and if detected early whilst still confined to the prostate gland, there is a much better chance of successful treatment.

It is still not clear what causes prostate cancer and alarmingly in its early stages, there may be no signs or symptoms that it is even prevalent.  However, advanced prostate cancer may present symptoms such as:

  • Trouble urinating
  • Decreased force in the stream of urine
  • Blood in semen
  • Discomfort in the pelvic area
  • Bone pain
  • Erectile dysfunction


Certain factors have been suggested in the attempt to reduce prostate cancer:

Choosing a healthy diet of fruit and vegetables is essential.  Try to avoid high-fat foods and focus on whole grains.

Although it needs yet to be proved that a healthy diet may prevent prostate cancer, vitamins and nutrients found in a variety of fruit and vegetables will contribute towards and improve your overall health.

Choose healthy foods over supplements
Always choose healthy/fresh foods before opting for supplements. Choose foods that are vitamin enriched and which contain minerals to maintain healthy levels of vitamins in the body.

Exercise most days of the week
Exercise helps improve overall health.  It also helps maintain weight and enhances moods. Some evidence shows that men who exercise are at a lower risk of contracting prostate cancer than men who don’t.

If you are new to exercising, start slowly and increase your exercises gradually over a period of time.  Try exercising as regularly as possible.

Maintain a healthy weight
If you are at an ideal weight, make sure to keep it constant by exercising as often as possible.  Should you need to lose a bit of weight, increase your exercise time and reduce calorie intake.  Your Doctor or Dietician will be able to assist with a healthy eating plan.

Talk to your doctor
Should you have any concerns about any risks of developing prostate cancer or notice any worrying signs or symptoms, contact your doctor sooner than later.


The ladies especially are looking forward to seeing the unity of our men standing together and fighting to prevent this dreaded disease.



Pajama Drill Anyone? The Cool Dad


Mommy Wellness shares a few of the ups and downs of modern Fatherhood

It’s almost a total change of identity.  In fact, it IS a change of identity because you are no longer who you have always been. Be it just that ordinary guy down the road, the cool dude at the gym, or Johnny Dazzle himself, YOU ARE NOW OR ABOUT TO BECOME A DAD!

Strange how the excitement about the paternity side of things usually dwindles rather quickly after the birth, as though nothing out of the ordinary has happened, and somehow it seems that you are expected to return to normal almost immediately.


The keyword here is ‘normal’.  What is normal for the modern Dad and what is expected from him in this ever-changing, developing world of ours?

The whole scenario can be quite contradictory between family and society, especially at the workplace.  People seem surprised when a Dad becomes the No. 1 caregiver, and even hand out praise for doing what they should be doing as Fathers, yet Moms thanklessly carry on regardless, with the list of never-ending, exhausting tasks.

Similarly, to the way in which women eventually started expecting and demanding recognition of their presence in the workplace, men need to start doing the same and start negotiating the hurdles which sometimes seem to prevent them from committing to fatherhood and active participation in this new phase of life.


Cultural and societal expectations are truly a thing of the past in modern-day living, especially around the fact that it is taken for granted that those mothers are expected to be the primary caregivers.

It is quite interesting that opinions about caregiving, household chores, and other associated parenting responsibilities start in childhood. It is basically expected by society that the female of the human species should undertake these specific roles.  At last, it seems that our new generation of Dads are resisting these so-called ‘norms’ but due to ingrained childhood teachings, the transition has been rather slow.


Mommy Wellness has also identified what could also be a cause of a Dad’s reluctance to interact in situations when required to do so with his partner, as an expectant couple.  Occasionally they feel almost ignored and even unwelcome during prenatal care.

Sometimes, they may even feel this way during birthing classes.  This is often due to sensitive emotions being experienced at the time.  It is understandable that much focus is placed on the safety of the mother and child.  However, engaging fathers are associated with enhanced maternal health and the well-being of the child.

So, in short, men are just as capable as women when it comes to childcare.

No, you cannot breastfeed, and you may not be as eager to jump up in the middle of the night to change a soiled, smelly nappy.  But hey, this is your kid and there is nothing more rewarding than watching the progress of this human being and playing an integral role in the development of a brand-new life.  Sleep on the side of the bed closest to where the baby sleeps.  That way you will be more like to wake up easier and can at least help make your partner comfy at least when the 02:00 feed comes around!


The best way to overcome any uncertainty or awkwardness about being a new dad is to immediately be ‘hands-on’. Spend as much time as you can with baby, and you will be amazed at how quickly you will bond with your new addition and how your confidence will improve. The more time you spend together, the more time you will want to spend together.


Don’t lose sight of your partner in all the hype and excitement.  Keep the things you both enjoy close at heart, as sometimes your respective energies sometimes suddenly and without notice, take on new directions.  Remember to hug and connect with her every day after baby falls asleep. This small act of concern and comfort goes a long way!


The same way as you take the time to spend with your family, so you need to spend time with your friends and continue pursuing your hobbies.  You probably will never again have the same amount of free time, but it is important for the sake of sanity!

Don’t forget that your partner needs the same peace of mind, so offer to take over the baby chores for an hour or two whilst she has a cup of coffee with a friend, or why not simply treat her to our amazing Mommy Wellness ‘Time Out’ spa package?  Nothing beats a full body massage to soothe away all the aches and pains, followed by a cup of tea/coffee and a bit of time to read her favourite magazine.

We haven’t forgotten the ‘new’ Dad and offer a range of pampering treatments ‘For Him’ from which to choose.

You both deserve a good spoil at this stage, so give us a call and book your appointments.


Yes you will be tired, yes you will think of your single days without the responsibility of nurturing and raising a little human but believe it, there is no better feeling than being handed that new-born bundle, knowing it’s all yours and building a lifetime of love and fatherhood.

For more information, please visit us at


We’re Putting A “Spring” In Your Step!


What a stunning time of the year when everything seems to change around us, and nature promises new life and hope.

Nature has a way of responding after the long dark Winter months.  The days get longer, the nights get shorter and literally, Spring is a breath of fresh air.

It is as though we are being rewarded for being so patient, waiting for the bird song and the imminent display of beautiful flowers which are about to burst into colour.

So what better way than to spend some healthy outdoor time with your family?


Spending time in nature is an ideal way to escape the madness of everyday life and the outdoors has an amazingly positive influence on both adults and children alike.  Research shows that outdoor activities reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety and obesity.


In general, children tend nowadays to spend a lot less time outdoors.  This can affect overall health and the child’s wellbeing.

Being outside in natural surroundings also stimulates creativity and avoids what is known as nature-deficit disorder, a term used to describe alienation of humans from nature.

Interestingly, there is an older study which showed that the view from a hospital window when looking at nature (trees, gardens, etc), helps patients recover quicker than if they were looking at a bland brick wall.


Now Ladies, we need a serious talk!  We all know, use and understand the happy-go-lucky phrase:

“Oh, but it has been so cold, and I have been in hibernation.  I haven’t shaved my legs because I wanted the hair long enough to wax, and I didn’t bother about blades for underarms because I wear long sleeves in Winter, blah blah blah”!

It’s time. No more excuses. Let’s get down to it.


It goes without saying that your hair should always be clean and well-conditioned. Hairstyles should always suit the shape of your face and you should always use a decent brush which does not break your hair.

Go on! Be bold and make a change. We dare you!


Unwanted hair on hands, legs, underarms and other body parts should be regularly removed.  Remember the ‘hibernation’ season is over now.

Remember those eyebrows that also need shaping and facial hair which may need a wax or thread.

This may sound like a bit of a mission, but Mommy Wellness has it under wraps!

Have a look at the options that we offer!


There is nothing better than a healthy, glowing skin.  Layers of makeup is just not going to cut it!

Besides drinking lots of water and having a regular intake of fruit and veggies, your skin needs good care.

Gentle cleansing, good moisturising and a strong sunscreen with a minimum 25 SPF is just not negotiable.

Do not rule out a good facial.

It does wonders and Mommy Wellness will advise the facial that will suit your skin type.


Very important and highly visible!

Hands and nails should always be immaculately clean and nails well-manicured.

Feet for some strange reason are often overlooked.  A good pedicure every two to four weeks will keep your feet healthy, clean and pretty!

Cracked heels are an absolute no-no and a real turnoff.  A good foot cream should be applied after a relaxing foot massage.

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There is no escaping

It maybe by popular belief, but it is not necessarily true that rough, rugged and ready males are real men.  Times have changed and men have started taking personal grooming very seriously, and for good reason.

That charming car mechanic no longer has any excuse to have greasy hands, dirty finger- nails and a rough skin, just because he is a mechanic!  Those days have hopefully come and gone forever!

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This year we celebrate Secretary’s Day on 5th September.

Although never on the same date every year, it always takes place during the first week of September.

Instead of the usual flowers or choccies, why not do something different this year?

Spoil that lady who manages your diary, reminds you of your Wedding Anniversary and of those special Birthday occasions (keeping you out of lots of trouble, just saying).  She is totally worth it!

Mommy Wellness will suggest the perfect pamper package to relieve her aching computer neck and back pain, or even suggest a luxurious manicure or pedicure.

We promise to return her as good as the day she started!


Ahh Tissue Salts



Yes, it’s one of those rhymes which sticks in your head, doesn’t it?  You are welcome!

As most of us remember it, it was a happy rhyme when we all joined hands in a circle at school and eventually, we all fell down!

So, when Mommy Wellness found out the true story, we thought just for fun we would share it with you, as sad as it was way back then.

Dating back to the Great Plague in 1665, the song apparently originated when a red circular rash presented itself on the skin and people kept posies of herbs and flowers in their pockets to ward off the disease.

Thousands of people were affected, and sneezing was apparently a main symptom.  That is how ‘a-tishoo’ came about, when mimicking a sneeze.

So in keeping it light-hearted, we will leave the “all fall down” part to your imagination.

Now after being totally side-tracked from the real reason for this article, Mommy Wellness is also sharing information about the importance of Tissue Salts, which is what actually triggered off the irritating ‘sneezing’ in the first place!


Unlike the nursery rhyme, Tissue Salts should be present in the body for optimal functionality.  They are a group of minerals, which due often to unhealthy lifestyles, our reserves are depleted and like the nursery rhyme, this leads to illness.

Interestingly they are the same minerals found in rocks and soil and occur naturally in the human body.  Once there is an imbalance or lack of these minerals, our systems become vulnerable and this can lead to sickness and disease.


The key is therefore to keep a balance in the body, but this is not as easy as it sounds.  Eva Schoenfeld of the Academy of Tissue Salts and Facial Analysis explained that after much research in the past, it was easy to replace lost minerals in the human body through normal daily nutrition.

However, the soils in South Africa are according to her, completely depleted of minerals.  She believes that this is one of the main reasons for so many immune diseases in our country.


Yes, it certainly does!

Even the most health conscious of us all is drained by modern lifestyles.

The list of reasons for mineral loss is longer than an arm, believe us!

As a heads up, we are listing a few, just so you will realise the importance of Tissue Salts replacements, and how dangerous it can be for your body, once depleted.

Just look at these:

  • Stress and worry
  • bad nutrition
  • industrially tainted foodstuffs
  • electro-pollution (from cell phones, microwaves, computers)
  • environmental toxins (insecticides, pesticides, preservatives etc)
  • exposure to heavy metals such as amalgam dental fillings
  • lead and aluminium
  • contaminated drinking water.

These are just a few of the more common ones.  Tell us this is not alarming!!


Medically, it is believed that due to missing minerals not being replaced, generation to generation is becoming weaker and more prone to disease.

There is concern about more and more babies being born with allergies and other deficiencies, where it apparent that mineral deficiencies have been passed on by the Mother.  Whatever minerals are lacking in the Mother during pregnancy, the baby unfortunately lacks at birth.

Until people start realising the importance of regular mineral replacement, there will be an on-going and increasing generational deficiency in minerals.

The correct choice of mineral replacements taken correctly enables the body to heal and restore itself from within.


Tissue Salts are inexpensive and generally safe for everyone, including babies, preggy Moms, diabetics and even animals.

As always, we do suggest checking with your Doctor beforehand.

And there we have it!  NO NEED TO ‘ALL FALL DOWN’ LIKE RING ‘O RING ‘O ROSES! 


Awesome Tissue Salt products are available at affordable prices to replace deficient minerals.  Please remember to have a word with your GP or Health Practitioner first, and then consult with your Mommy Wellness Therapist or Consultant.